Our Story

Meet Ouma se liefiekind: His name is Juwan and since the day we found out that he would be joining our world he has been surrounded by so much love. And what a lucky little boy to have three oumas who love him to the moon and back! But this page in particular, and this little business, is about his ouma Annamarie and how she started knitting for him even before she knew he was a boy.

Ouma Se Liefiekind - Little Bear Hoodies

Our stories are what makes life special and this is ours:

Ouma Annamarie grew up in Waterval Boven, South Africa where she was, from the stories I’ve heard, a wild child you didn’t want to mess with. Those were her “jongmeisie dae” as she calls it. It is there that she fell in love with a young man who is now her husband of 47 years. Together they have 5 children of which the eldest is 14 years older than the youngest. The latter is a proper #laatlammetjie (laatlammetjie is the Afrikaans expression for a child born many years after his siblings, when the parents are much older than the average age for having children) and the love of my life. Who am I you ask? Well, my name is Anneli and I married Ouma Annamarie’s laatlammetjie 9 years ago and our little boy is Ouma Annamarie’s second youngest grandchild, Juwan, the inspiration for Ouma Se Liefiekind.

Ouma Annamarie’s dad was a builder and as a child they moved a lot because of his job. When she married a train driver, they too moved around a lot because of his job – all 5 children in tow.

My own childhood is a tale of moving around a lot as well, since my father is a Reverend. When my husband and I met as teenagers (in church) in Mossel Bay, we have both moved around A LOT. And don’t think for a second it stopped there either, no! 😂 After Mossel Bay, we moved to Pretoria, where we got married. Once married we longed for the #mosselbaydays and decided to move back, only to find jobs are scarce and our friends have all gone their separate ways. So we packed up and moved to Cape Town, where we lived for three years. At some point we decided to buy a house and decided to do so in Pretoria. After four years in Pretoria, we decided we want to move back to Cape Town and this is where we currently find ourselves. Love being back by the way. Not sure why we left in the first place. Not sure if this is where we’ll stay though… I think the moving is in our blood. We are a nomadic family. 🙂 Ouma Annamarie and her husband, Oupa Frik, also lives in Cape Town now and I think this is where they will stay.

When we found out we are expecting a baby in 2015, the excitement had Ouma Annamarie knitting up a storm from early on. It didn’t matter if it was going to be a boy or a girl, she knitted for both genders. At one point she knit this beautiful grey Little Bear Hoody with a zip and the cutest ears and I was IN LOVE. I asked her to please knit him some more of those and Juwan now has it in White, Grey, Black (#monochrome hello!), Baby Blue, Ruby Red and Teddy Bear Brown. When we started hanging out with our friends after Juwan was born we got loads of compliments on these cute little hoodies and I got quite a few orders for Ouma Annamarie. And then it hit me… As pensioners, they could really do with an extra income and this could just be the opportunity for Ouma Annamarie to have her own business! She loves to knit, her work is good quality and I have the knowledge to help her with the admin and online marketing side of it. So here we are, officially in business as Ouma Se Liefiekind!

Thank you for supporting Ouma Annamarie’s handmade baby & kids knitwear business. By doing so you not only support a wonderful retired couple’s livelihood, but also the dream of a hardworking, passionate grandma.

Please note that since all items are individually hand-knit by Ouma Annamarie and wool must be sourced for each item, it might take a little time – unless all items in your order are in stock. What you’ll get in exchange for your patience is something entirely unique and handmade with lots of love – something that supports a pensioner couple financially and that has a story.

As is with most handmade items, pieces may vary slightly in size and details.